stratum (Plural: strata)

  1. One of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another
  2. (geology) A layer of sedimentary rock having approximately the same composition throughout
  3. Any of the regions of the atmosphere, such as the stratosphere, that occur as layers
  4. (biology) A layer of tissue
  5. A class of society composed of people with similar social, cultural, or economic status

7 letters in word "stratum": A M R S T T U.

No anagrams for stratum found in this word list.

Words found within stratum:

am amu amus ar arm arms ars art arts arum arums as astrut at att ma mar mars mart marts mas mast masu mat mats matt matts maut mauts mu mura muras mus must mut muts mutt mutts ram rams ramus ras rast rat rats ratu ratus rum rums rusa rusma rust rut ruts sam sar sat sau saut sma smart smur smut st star start stat strum struma strut stum sturt sum sur sura surat sutra sutta ta tam tams tar tars tart tarts tas tat tats tatu tatus tau taus taut tauts tram trams trat trats trust tsar tuart tuarts tum tums turm turms tut tuts um ur ursa us ut uta utas uts